About us

At the heart of ATULYATATVA is our passion to make lives beautiful with the touch of love and care. Atulya Tatva's products are organic, pure, healthy, hand crafted and wholesome. Atulya Tatva means unmatched perfection so we strive for excellence to serve the best of everything. Shopping with us means you are choosing taste and beauty with love.

The Vision

Atulya Tatva worships customers and their needs. Hence, we aim to bring dynamism in the organic products which are customizable according to the needs of each individual making it affordable.

The Mission

  • To widen the horizons of creativity with organic products
  • To deliver hand crafted products to spread smiles
  • To possess integrity, purity, health and happiness of the environment
  • To ensure quality and fulfill the expectations
  • To customize according to the each individual's taste and skin

Atulya Tatva is a sustainable, holistic and eco friendly dream working towards perfection to make the dream come true.